There are many ways to participate in sustainable food in Minneapolis-St. Paul!

Attend an Event

Find a local farmers’ market or co-op, attend a conference or workshop, or get involved with a neighborhood food exchange! Whatever you’re looking for, there are three ways to find exciting and upcoming urban agriculture events in the Twin Cities:

TC Urban Ag Connection Events:

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Events on our site’s official Events page have been submitted to and approved as being non-commercial in nature (with the exception of Farmers’ Markets), educational, and/or community-oriented.

Upcoming Events Forum:

Upcoming Events Forum

Our Upcoming Events Forum is where you can find all the other events that might not fit under our Events Page guidelines, or that have been submitted but not yet approved.

Join Us on Meetup!

Join us for a Meetup! is a site dedicated to fostering live interactions between members of different communities. We maintain an active Meetup group called TC Urban Agriculture Connection!

Join a TC Urban Ag Group

Groups are where you can interact with others on our website. Ask a question, share a story, or stay up-to-date with what’s going on in urban agriculture by hearing from others who are active in our community!

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Grower Resources

Share knowledge, gain new information, and connect with like-minded folks interested in growing food in an urban context.


Find an Organization:

We have two resources available for those who are interested in working alongside an organization:

The Urbanag Directory

The Urbanag Directory is an alphabetical list of organizations that will help get you started with urban agriculture in the Twin Cities.

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Urban Ag Opportunities Group

The UrbanAg Opportunities Group is where organizations working within the urban agriculture space can post their job, internship, and volunteer opportunities. Join this group if you are looking for a way to contribute to sustainable food systems in the Twin Cities!

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Subscribe to a listserv

The Minnesota Institute for Sustainable Agriculture (MISA) supports a large number of listserv’s where people share information, resources, and opportunities. Click here to find the listserv that is right for you!